play modes

xess.io features 4 play modes: Classic Powerup Zone Bot Chaos Tiny Classic Classic is played on an 80x80 board with no powerups Powerup Zone Powerup Zone adds extra powers to some pawns. Pawns spawn with hidden powers that are discovered upon capture. Timer Pawns Guard Pawns Sensor Pawns Bot Chaos Practice against bots! Powerups enabled. Tiny Standard 8x8 board with a few free pieces and a 3-second move timer.

learn about powerups

powerup zone button The Powerup Zone adds powerups to xess.io: Timer Pawns Guard Pawns Sensor Pawns Timer Pawns Timer Pawns add a move timer to any opponent pieces. Guard Pawns Guard Pawns counter-attack instantly within their defense zone. Retaliation is automatic and guaranteed whenever a piece protected by a guard pawn is captured. Sensor Pawns Sensor Pawns notify you when an enemy is approaching.

welcome to xess.io

xess.io is a massively multiplayer chess game. Please share your suggestions at /r/xessio/ Enjoy!